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Fecha: 05.09.2013

Autor: ricky88

Asunto: gokussj5 jap

hi i like so much all your mugen works (like gogeta ssj4, gogeta and goku ssj5) and about gokussj5 i ask you a pleasure: please could you do a japanese audio patch for goku ssj5? i don't like latin voice but i haven't jap sounds for making it by myself. so please could you di this? thank you in advance

Fecha: 02.09.2013

Autor: LegendTTA

Asunto: Bulla

Hy, i just found your site and i think your sprites are awesome. Especially that new Kakarotto ssj5. Well, i wanna ask that can you make a Dragon Ball Multiverse Bulla sheet for me? I really wanna make a character from it but there is no sheet.

Fecha: 14.06.2013

Autor: Super Vegito

Asunto: Characters

Will you be able to make a Vegeta Normal to SSJ3 and Broly Normal to LSSJ3...?

Fecha: 30.05.2013

Autor: Nuno

Asunto: Excelente trabajo!

El Goku AF SSJ5, Vegeta AF SSJ5 e Gohan SSJ4 se ven muy bien, sus caracteres e parches son los mejores que he visto en mugen, los aguardo.

Fecha: 20.04.2013

Autor: Super Vegito

Asunto: New Projects

Is it okay if I may ask the new projects that you are currently doing, and the release dates?

Fecha: 05.04.2013

Autor: Alejandro

Asunto: Felicidades!

Muy buenos personajes!!
mis felicitaciones.

De casualidad tu no estabas haciendo un Beby gohan tambien??

Fecha: 08.04.2013

Autor: mephistopheles

Asunto: Re: Felicidades!

hice un sheet hace mucho de ese se basaron para hacer una nueva version que aun siguen programando

Fecha: 01.04.2013

Autor: mrweekend

Asunto: keep it up

I like your AF chars...like how you've made continued version of these DragonBall chars...keep it up..

Fecha: 28.03.2013

Autor: ALXVE

Asunto: wow

Genial chars
estan muy buenos

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