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Fecha: 20.10.2013

Autor: GopekTT

Asunto: Re: Re: Goku SSJ,SSJ2,SSJ3

Ese no me gusta los sprites de mephis son los mejores no me gusta los otros

Fecha: 15.10.2013

Autor: Murko

Asunto: Gran sitio!

¿Broly SSJ5 está basado en el de Necromancer o en cuál?, no puedo esperar para su salida!

Fecha: 06.10.2013

Autor: LegendTTA

Asunto: Vegeta and Broly

I love your newest works. These new sprites are really awesome.

Fecha: 07.10.2013

Autor: mephistopheles

Asunto: Re: Vegeta and Broly

thanks I'm happy that you liked

Fecha: 17.10.2013

Autor: mephistopheles

Asunto: Re: Vegeta and Broly

estas haciendo un gohan adulto??

Fecha: 06.10.2013

Autor: Super Vegito

Asunto: Characters

Just one note, in the next update, if you could please change the SSJ2 and SSJ3 stance, as it looks kind of impossible, leaning 45 degrees. Thanks.

Fecha: 05.10.2013

Autor: Super Vegito

Asunto: Characters

Wow, thanks for answering my request! I am grateful. Thanks.

Fecha: 07.10.2013

Autor: mephistopheles

Asunto: Re: Characters

never mind

Fecha: 16.09.2013

Autor: MugenMundo

Asunto: Goku God

Hi man, i love your work with sprites, just wondering if you couldn't make a Goku super saiyan god sheet and i code him, if you cand make it would be a great char, thanks and good luck with your future chars


my email is marcuswinchester@live.com if you want talk with me about it

Fecha: 05.09.2013

Autor: ricky88

Asunto: gokussj5 jap

hi i like so much all your mugen works (like gogeta ssj4, gogeta and goku ssj5) and about gokussj5 i ask you a pleasure: please could you do a japanese audio patch for goku ssj5? i don't like latin voice but i haven't jap sounds for making it by myself. so please could you di this? thank you in advance

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